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We supply high quality embroidery badges, emblems and patches from the Netherlands for our European customers for more than 20 years.  We supply  custom-made badges in all kinds of shape, size and with diverse backing, e.g. with iron-on, velcro, self-adhesive sticker or magnet.  Send us your inquiry today and receive within 24 hours a quotation without obligation.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 50.

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What are embroidered emblems and badges for?

Embroidered emblems and badges, patches ( whatever they are named), are badges on which a logo / design is stitched, which you can sew on clothing, vest, cap, hat, glove, bag etc, iron on (with iron-on layer) or stick on (with velcro or velcro).

Embroidered emblems and badges or patches give a classic and 3D look. They are very suitable for, using on clothigns of  soldiers, police, emergency services, astronauts, associations, sports clubs, scouting groups, companies, etc.

Because embroidered emblems and badges or patches are made with slightly thicker threads / threads and your design or logo is stitched onto the surface of the badges, they are very suitable for clean, clear and simple designs. If your design contains many details and fine letters, we recommend the woven badges.

Via 3 simple steps you can have perfectly personalized emblems and badges or patches made with us:

Send your application today.

Then you will receive a price proposal and / or working drawing within 24 hours.

Within 2-4 days you will receive the photos of the test sample for approval and delivery in approx. 2-3 weeks.

We can supply badges, patches and emblems from 10 pieces, in all shapes and sizes. Our customers consist of:

  • Large and small companies
  • Government agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Fashion designers
  • Sports associations
  • Scouting associations
  • Motor / bike clubs
  • Carnival associations
  • Individuals

What should you pay attention to when designing embroidered emblems/badges?

Embroidered emblems/badges/patches are great for simple designs with clear colors and lines.

For example, we need approx. 2 mm to 3 mm space to embroider a letter clearly.

No color overflow can be displayed when embroidering.

We can embroider the badges up to 9 colors as standard, if it is needed we can embroidered up to 13 colors. 

If you provide us the PMS color codes of your design, we can match the color of the threads more closely to your design. 

It does not mean that you cannot have a complicated design made that is beautiful, below is a complet design that is converted into beautiful badges

Complex designs are converted into beautiful badges

How color graduation is handled, when it is unavoidable: 

How color graduation is handled, when it is unavoidable

Convert your design is craftsmanship (turning an poster into an embroidered badge, 350 mm high): 

Converting a poster into embroidery badges

Embroidery badges with many details

Converting a poster into embroidery badges

What are the backing options?

  • With iron-on layer / glue layer: with us the badges are provided with a iron-on layer / glue layer as standard with which you can iron the badges on the garment. Sometimes it is useful that you first iron on the badge and then possibly sew it on.
  • Without glue layer / iron-on layer: Because the badges with iron-on layer / glue layer are sturdy and slightly thicker, it is slightly more difficult to stitch them. Emblems and badges or patches without an iron-on or glue layer are easier to stitch.
  • Velcro / velcro: You can have your emblems and badges or patches fitted with velcro / velcro. We supply the badges with double-sided Velcro / Velcro at low costs. The hard Velcro with hooks are already sewn onto the badges by us and we also supply the soft Velcro.
  • Self-adhesive embroidered badges: For temporary placement of your embroidered badges on your garment, we can provide the badges with self-adhesive layer of glue. You can easily remove them after use.


Edge/border types

badges met gesneden rand Badges met merrowed rand

  • Overlocked/merrowed edge: A larger, rounded edges sewed around the badges.  suitable for regular shape, without sharp points in and jagged edge. Merrowed edge has a standard size width of around  2.5-5mm and cannot be adjusted. 
  • Heat cut edge: a thinner, flatter embroidered border and cut out precisely by using laser. it can be applied to all kind of shape, regular or irregular with sharp points in and jagged edges. The heat cut edges can be made to 1mm or bigger. 

Overlocked/merrowed edgeLaser cut edge

We apply, as standard,  heat cut edges to your badges. The badges with heat cut edges give a more nice appearance or finishing when they are ironed on or sewn on the clothes. Especially, when  the badges have iron-on backing,  they fit much better during ironing.  Furhermre, for small badges, the merrowed edge look domimant. 

However, merrowed edge give a classic and aesthetics look. Also merrowed edge is machine sewn, the finishing is better than heat cut edges. 

When the badges have velcro backing, we recommend using merrowed edge. 

How to match the color of the theads as much as possible to your design?

  • If you need us to match the colors of the threads as much as possible to your design, we prefer you to provide us the PMC color code.  Via the follow link, you can find the PMS code:  https://www.pantone.com/color-finder
  • Or select the most common threads colors we used, the reality we have much more color possibility.
  • If you cannot provide us the color code, our artwork designer will decide the thread colors based on your design, see  the example of the most common use threads. 
  • Please avoid indicate the colors with general description like red, green, gray  ect, because there are many variation of red, green, gray etc. 

Possibilities for luminous embroidery yarn: 

r luminous embroidery thread

How can I iron the badges on clothing?

Before you iron the badge on the garment, make sure that the back of the iron-on layer of the badge is clean. Set the temperature to approx. 190 - 200 degrees (in celcius). The max temperature is partly determined by the max allowed temperature of the item of clothing on which the badge must be ironed.

Note: Do not use a steam function during ironing.

Place the badge in the right place, press the iron on the badge for 30 - 40 seconds. Then (if possible) press the iron on the back of the badge for 20 seconds. Then it's done.

To ensure that the badge is not damaged, you can put a thin cotton cloth (eg handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase ect) on the badge before you start ironing.

Be careful not to use a cotton cloth with color to prevent you from transferring the color to the badge.

The best thing is that you sew the badge here and there after you have ironed it on the garment, then the badge is always firmly attached.

(Disclaim: You are responsible for ironing the badge. We are not responsible for any damage that may possibly be caused by following this instruction.)

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