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Our process is simple, just fill out the request form on our website and receive a free proposal and design within 24-48 hours. Our challenge coins are made from durable materials like brass, copper, or nickel, and come with various options such as enamel coloring, diamond cut edges, and different finishes. Ordering with a market leader ensures that you receive a truly unique and high-quality challenge coin

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Leading Challenge Coin Maker with 25 Years of Experience

Yeslogo is as the leading maker of challenge coins, with 25 years  of experience. With a wide range of advanced machines, materials and techniques at our disposal, we are able to create coins in all shapes, colors, and sizes, from 2D to 3D designs. Our team of experts has the skill and knowledge to bring your ideas to life, resulting in a truly unique and high-quality challenge coin that represents your organization perfectly. Whether you're looking for a traditional coin or something more creative, we have the capability to make it happen. 

Our custom-made challenge coins are widely used by police, military, corporations, sports clubs, entertainment and many other organizations. These coins are perfect for showing pride in your organization and the people you serve with.

The order process is easy, just fill in the information on our website and get a quotation in 24 hours, it's that simple. 

What is a challenge coins? 

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion that is typically used to symbolize membership in a group or organization. They are often given to members of the military, law enforcement, or other organizations as a symbol of camaraderie and unity. Challenge coins are typically used in a variety of settings, including military units, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and other organizations. They can also be used as a way to recognize and reward outstanding performance or service. They are also used in the corporate world, sports clubs, and other organization as a symbol of unity and pride. They are considered as a treasured keepsake and often passed down through generations.

The  history of Challenge Coin dates back to World War I, where it is believed that a wealthy lieutenant had coins made for his unit as a symbol of unity and camaraderie. The tradition of carrying and presenting challenge coins continued to grow throughout the military and eventually made its way into other organizations such as law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and other groups. Today, challenge coins are still widely used as a symbol of membership, pride, and recognition within a group or organization.

How are Challenge Coins Made?

Challenge coins are typically made from high-quality metals such as brass, copper, or nickel. They are produced using a die-casting process, which allows for intricate and detailed designs to be stamped onto the surface of the coin. The die-casting process also allows for the coin to have a raised and recessed areas giving it a 3D effect. Our advanced techniques also allow us to produce coins with a variety of finishes depending on your preference, we can make the coins only with metal appearance without colors, or we can fill the coins with enamel color resulting in a embossed surface or we can polish it and have a smooth and scratch-resistant surface. We use advanced diamond cut machines to make different kinds of edges and other features to ensure a high-quality coin. Making a high-quality coin involves many process steps, but we have made it simple for you, you just need to submit the request form and you will receive a proposal in 24 hours for free.

What are challenge coins used for? 

Challenge coins are often used by military units, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to signify membership and to build camaraderie among members.  Challenge coins are also used as a way to recognize and reward outstanding achievement or service. They are also often used as a form of identification, and are typically carried by members at all times. Challenge coins can also be used for promotional purposes, and are often given as gifts to customers, clients, or employees. They can also be used as a way to commemorate special events or milestones. Challenge coins are typically kept and displayed as a symbol of pride and accomplishment. With our custom-made challenge coins, you can be sure that you are getting a unique and high-quality coin that represents your organization or group in the best possible way.

Pantone Color Finder

When you want to have your challenge coins with enamel color, we have the capability to match the enamel color almost exactly to your desired pantone color. You can use our advanced pantone color finder to easily find and select the exact pantone color you'd like to use. Or, if you prefer, our team of specialists can assist you in selecting the perfect color for your design. 

Design your challenge coin in one-step with us

Design your unique challenge coin with us in a simple and straightforward process. Fill out the information on our website and we'll take care of the rest. Within 24-48 hours, you'll receive a proposal for your custom-made coin. Once you accept the proposal, our team of experts will work diligently to create a design that meets your exact specifications and exceeds your expectations. With our quick turnaround time and free design service, it's never been easier to get a high-quality, custom-made challenge coin for your organization or group.

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