Sublimation printing badges


With Sublimation technology, the ink gasses under the influence of high temperature and the ink sinks into the underlying fabric. Unlike other printed techniques, the result of the sublimation printing is extremely wash-resistant. We can print your badges up to 450x600 mm ( 45x60cm). 

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Embroidery, Woven or sublimation printing badges or patches? 

The threads of woven badges are very fine and can show more details and the logos are woven like threads of clothing and the surface is flat/plain. With embroidering the threads are thicker and  are stitched on top of the fabric, you get a 3D feeling.

Woven badges are thinner and flexibler while embroidered badges are thicker and sturdier. You could say embroidered badges look more like a painting and woven badges look like a digital poster.

Normally, We prefer embroidered badges to woven badges. Only in case the badges are too small and there are many details in the design, we will recommend our customers to make woven badges or printed badges.

Both embroidery and woven badges can not realise colour gradient, if colour gradient is a must, we recommend you use sublimation printing or combination of sublimation and embroidery. 

When you need a badge with a lot of details, small text and with color gradient and the size is small, you can consider using sublimation printing badges. To embroider badges, you need about 0.2 cm of space to optimally embroider a letter.

design for a badge of 7x4.2 cm

Result embroidered

Result sublimation printed

Combination of printing & embroidery


Result sublimation printing & embroidery

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