Terms & Conditions of  Sales

By using our service , you agree to ourl Terms and Conditions of Sales, this means an agreement has been concluded between us and you as a buyer / client. Before you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Saes, we kindly request you to read the terms and conditions carefully and to familiarize yourself with our working method. If you have any questions about our conditions, you can of course contact us.

Article 1 - Identity of the entrepreneur

Yeslogo.eu is a trade name of Unisource International which is registered with the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce: 82878498) and pays our legal contribution to the Tax Authorities (VAT no .: NL003075210B96). You can find our contact details on our website.

Article 2 - Applicability

2.1 Applicability of the terms and conditions used by the buyer / client / client is explicitly rejected.

2.2 These general terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships in which Unisource International acts as a (potential) seller / client and / or supplier of goods and / or services.

2.3 These conditions can only be deviated from in writing. No rights can be derived from such deviations for future agreements.

Article 3 - Offers / conclusion of agreement

All offers from Unisource International are without obligation. If the buyer / client places an order, the agreement is only concluded when Unisource International accepts it in writing or makes a start with the implementation thereof.

Article 4 - Addition / adjustment of the assignment

Unisource International will, at the request of the buyer / client, implement all changes to the order indicated by the latter, provided they are reasonably feasible and with the right to charge an additional price.

Article 5 - Prices

5.1 All prices are ex works (ex works intercoms 2010), and exclusive of VAT, unless stated or agreed otherwise.

5.2 Unisource International reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

Article 6 - Delivery / delivery time

6.1 The usual delivery times adhered to by Unisource International are an indication and not a deadline.

6.2 Delivery takes place at one address, unless otherwise agreed.

6.3 Unisource International is entitled to perform the performance (s) owed by it in parts.

6.4 Unisource International has the right to deliver 10% more or less than the number of articles produced on request to the buyer / client and to charge it.

Article 7 - Payment

7.1 Payment by the Buyer / client must be made within thirty (30) days after the invoice date. Payment must be made in the agreed currency without settlement, discount and / or suspension.

7.2 In the event of late payment, all payment obligations of the Buyer / client become immediately due and payable and the Buyer / client is in default without further notice of default being required.

7.3 From the moment at which the Buyer / principal is in default, without prejudice to the other rights of Unisource International, he owes an interest in the amount of four (4) points above the then applicable deposit rate of the European Central Bank with a minimum of the statutory interest applicable in the Netherlands at that time for commercial transactions.

7.4 All judicial and extrajudicial costs, with a maximum of 15% of the principal sum, incurred by Unisource International as a result of the Buyer / client's failure to fulfill its payment obligations, will be borne by the Buyer / client.

7.5 Payments by or on behalf of the Buyer / client successively serve to settle the extrajudicial collection costs owed by him, then the judicial costs, then the interest owed by him and then the outstanding principal amounts in order of age, regardless of instructions to the contrary from the Buyer / client. .

7.6 The Buyer / client can only object to the invoice within the payment term.

Article 8 Retention of title

Unisource International reserves the ownership of the articles delivered or to be supplied by it, until the full invoice amount has been paid in full.

Article 9 - Security

9.1 If there are good grounds that the buyer / client will not strictly comply with his obligations, the buyer / client is obliged to immediately provide sufficient security in the form desired by Unisource International at the first request of Unisource International and supplement it if necessary. for the fulfillment of all its obligations. As long as the buyer / client has not complied with this, Unisource International is entitled to suspend fulfillment of its obligations.

9.2 If the buyer / client does not comply with a request as referred to in paragraph 1 within 14 days of a written notice to that effect, all his outstanding obligations become immediately due and payable.

Article 10 - Complaints, obligation to investigate, prescription and compliance

10.1 The buyer / client has the obligation to check on delivery whether the goods comply with the agreement. If this is not the case, the buyer / client must inform Unisource International of this in writing and with reasons within 8 days after delivery.

10.2 Facts that reveal themselves after 1 year has passed after delivery cannot justify the statement that the case does not comply with the agreement.

10.3 If the delivered item does not comply with the agreement, Unisource International is only obliged, at its option, to deliver the missing item, repair the item delivered or replace the item delivered.

10.4 The provisions of this article apply mutatis mutandis to the provision of services.

Article 11 - Intellectual property and know-how

11.1 All documentation, sales brochures, images, drawings, etc. that have been and / or are provided by Unisource International to the Buyer / client remain the property of Unisource International. The Buyer / client is not entitled to use them other than for the use of the Articles to which they relate.

11.2 The Buyer / client is not entitled to disclose the documents referred to in 11.1 or the information contained therein or otherwise made known to him to third parties, unless Unisource International gives explicit written permission for this.

11.3 In case of violation of the provisions of 11.1 and / or 11.2, the Buyer / client will owe a fine of € 5,000 (five thousand euros) for each violation, regardless of all other rights of Unisource International against the Buyer / client.

Article 12 - Infringement of the rights of third parties

12.1 When ordering, the customer declares that he has all property rights with regard to texts, logos, drawings and other items that may be subject to intellectual property rights. Unisource International is fully indemnified by the customer against any claims from third parties with regard to these proprietary rights.

12.2 The buyer / client will compensate Unisource International for all damage and disadvantage that Unisource International suffers if and because the products produced by Unisource International infringe the rights of third parties.

12.3 Unisource International has the right to make and keep copies of the layout for the purpose of executing the agreement with the client.

Article 13 - Dissolution / release

13.1 If the buyer / client does not, not properly or timely fulfill any obligation that may arise for him from the agreement, as well as in the event of bankruptcy, suspension of payments or receivership of the buyer / client or cessation or liquidation of his company, Unisource International is entitled, at its option, without any obligation to pay compensation and without prejudice to its further rights, to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part, or to suspend the (further) implementation of the agreement. In such cases, Unisource International is furthermore entitled to demand immediate payment of the amount due.

13.2 If due fulfillment by Unisource International is wholly or partially impossible as a result of one or more circumstances that are not for the account of Unisource International, either temporarily or permanently, Unisource International has the right to terminate the agreement.

13.3 If the buyer / client, after Unisource International has set him a period of eight days for this, does not cooperate with the delivery, only Unisource International is released from its obligations.

Article 14 - Compensation

14.1 Unisource International is only liable for damage that can be attributed to intent or gross negligence.

14.2 Unisource International is never obliged to pay compensation for damage, other than to persons or objects.

14.3 Unisource International's liability under an Agreement is in any case limited to the amount of the invoice.

Article 15 - Applicable law / competent court

15.1 All legal relationships between Unisource International and the buyer / client are governed by Dutch law.

Article 16 - Dutch text prevails

The Dutch text of these sales and delivery conditions prevails over the translation thereof.