custom militaire geweven badges

Woven militairy badges, emblems or patches, 100% custom made


Our high quality woven badges distinct them for others by high density and great details. Whereas our embroidery badges give a 3D feeling and traditional craftmanship, with woven badges you will get more details. Embroidery badges are thicker and stronger, whereas woven badges are flexibler and softer.  Woven badges are a good alternative to embroidery badges when your design has a lot of details and small texts and readble and details are of important to you.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 50.

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"That is so AMAZINF! Very happy with the product picture. As long as there is velcro on the back i approve! 
-Kkastrup Denmark"

Differences between woven and embroidered badges

With woven badges the threads are interwoven and  result in a smooth surface with many sharp details. Woven badges, emblems or patches are great for:

  • Complex designs with lots of detail and small text.
  • Design with a lot of information to be displayed on a small badge.
  • Flexible and thin badges.

Compared to woven badges, embroidered badges have more texture on the surface and give a 3D feel. Embroidered badges give a more artisan look than woven badges. Embroidered badges are thicker than woven badges.

If you want to make badges, we recommend that you make them as embroidered badges, unless ...

Comparison woven badge (left, with laser-cut edge) and embroidered badge (right, with embroidered edge), both 6x6cm, woven badge (left) without border or laser gesneden:


What is the minimal order quantity of  woven badges?

It is economical to order woven badges from 50 pieces, otherwise the unit price will be very high.

What are the maximum sizes of woven badges that can be made?

Embroidered badges can be made up to 350mm and Woven badges up to 190mm.

What are the backing options that can be applied to woven badges?

Like embroidered badges, we can make woven badges  with an iron-on layer or velcro (velcro), or without dattiontal backing.

Edges options

Woven badges wiil be made, as standard, with merrowed edge. It is also possible to provide the woven badges with an embroidered edge or laser-cut edge.

Example of  woven badges with overlocked / merrowed edge, suitable for designs with regular shape.

example woven badges with merrowed edge

Example of woven badges with laser cut edge, suitable for badges with regular AND irregular shape:

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