The most commonly used material to make caps or caps are: cotton. 

We use standard high quality cotton. We have alos the most common materials in stocks: 

camouflage, canvas, fleece, artificial suede, corduroy or leather and in combination.

This allows us to respond quickly to your questions. 

For special project with large quantity, we can even custom-made the materials to meet your special requirement. 

We have steady relationships with selected materials suppliers that meet the EU and Americane environmental requirements.


Cotton heavy brushed 280 g / m cotton, standard. Other option possible (e.g. 158x68 not brushed of 270 g / m; 7x7 brushed of 300 g / m)

available in almost all colors and various types.

Camouflage standard 100% cotton, 225-245 g / m2. 

More than 300 pattern and 80 color available

Fleece 280g/m, high quality

Any color possible, 180-320g /m2

Suède high quality Suéde

Canvas standard10ons, also available in 8 ons and 10 ons.

Available in almost any color

Corduroy Fine

Available in almost any color

Mesh high quality 

Available in all colors and in different types, we offer the best solution.