Metal Labels Plate, Label Tag Plate & Name Plate


Our custom-made metal Labels plate, label tag plate & name Plate are a functional and practical labeling solution for a wide range of applications. They are made from durable metal materials, these labels can withstand harsh conditions and are resistant to weathering, corrosion and fading. They can be  made in all kinds of shape according to your design. 

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 50.

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Plating options

You can equipe the plate with pins and attached to differrence surface, 

vlindersluiting rubber slutiing veilig sluiting type 1
butteryfly  Rubber attachment Safety attachmet type 1
veilig sluiting type 2 veilig sluiting type 3 stick pins
Safety attachment  type 2 Safety attachment type 3 Stick pins
Tie back Sleutelhanger manchetknoop
Tie back Key chain Cufflink
Magneet U-klem Schroef
Magnet attachment  U   clip Screw

tie clip
Tie clips

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